Just Walk Out

I’ve had similar discussions with friends and colleagues on this topic. While one may agree or disagree with someone else, compromise is never reached by shutting the other out. We all have opinions and ideas. Furthermore, we should always hold a higher level of respect and dignity with all people.

ms brabo

If you don’t like me, my opinions, my perspective, my ideals, my policy views, my way of thought, my morals, my skin color, my hair color, my height, my education level, my hometown, or any other reason you could think to disagree… I ask that at this time you stand up and walk out…because that’s what everyone is doing these days, right?

You are in the third grade. Your new teacher has just finished explaining the classroom rules for the school year. You don’t like the rules so you leave class.

You are now in middle school. Your soccer coach has just finished explaining to you and your teammates a new play for the upcoming game but you don’t agree with it. It won’t win you the game. You pick up your bag and leave in the middle of practice.

You are now a new employee at a restaurant waiting…

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5 Rules Every Woman Should Know About Casual Sex

Author Janell Hihi

It’s easy to find a guy to hook up with you but it is not easy to find a man who wants to date you. It’s essential that you know the difference.

The hook-up culture is too accessible. It’s overly abundant and cheap. Every girl, no matter how attractive, intelligent or interesting, has at least 3 guys in her contact list she can call if she needs sex.


More than likely, she has at least one casual sex partner she uses to get by and maintain her sanity. She knows that relationship is going nowhere and she is cool with that. However, when she continues to meet men who also give off the casual sex vibe, she has no real desire to allow them to pursue her.

Sex comes very easily to women. What humors me is that men still have a hard time realizing that if all their offering…

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Happy Hump Day! We're half way there, and for those of you who are more fortunate, you are now (or about to enjoy) someone precious, romantically and passionately. Live each day to its fullest. Curl up with someone you love. Kiss them all over and tell them you love them. Make love to them like... Continue Reading →

NYC Women’s March

I've been visiting New York City the past week. It's been wonderful working and meeting new people. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Women's March. It was hard to avoid. People were marching everywhere. There was no "one" direction people marched. They overtook the city. Not just women, but men as well. If... Continue Reading →

I love her…

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


"Never ruin someone's life with a lie, when your world can be destroyed with the truth." - Me

How to ignite the conversation…

When I got back into the dating world, it was really hard not to sound like a broken record with each new date, repeating the same questions over and over. In fact, I went on a few speed dating events to help me change my poor dating skills. Everyone at the speed dating events were asking... Continue Reading →

Lay me down…

Lay me down, get ready to play, clear your calendar, to make love all day. Start with kisses, touch me low, caress me tight, as we take it slow. -- Me

Trip to NY

I'll be visiting NY for part of January. I'd love to meet fellow writers, bloggers, or even a fan (if such a person exists)! I'm working at a convention but its the perfect change of environment for new inspiration and swapping ideas!

The Outfit

Hurriedly moving up the steps of the courthouse, Louis Vuitton briefcase in left hand, wavy hair flowing with every step, you rescue your white cashmere scarf with your right hand, before the wind takes it prisoner.  The cool autumn air creeped in, making it necessary to wear your red Akris double face wool coat.  You approach the security gate. You... Continue Reading →

The Cabin

A original short story by me where a two people catch themselves exploring the fall experience, only to be met with an unexpected adventure through the woods. The summer months faded; the autumn leaves descended from the tall trees forming a vibrant carpet covering over the country road. These colorful leaves laid and bounced off the front windshield... Continue Reading →

My first true love, Ruby

Ruby was my first true love; I forget she existed. We were both from the same conservative church, both virgins, both dedicated to "God". She was an year older, so, at the time, being a 21 year old guy seemed like a big deal (she often acted older and thought I needed someone "younger" than her).... Continue Reading →

The Watermark

It was a mystery. I wasn't myself. My vision blurred and the noise surrounding me dissolved into the distance. I couldn't explain what had happened. It was an enchantment that overpowered my senses. It was without reason or scientific explanation...whenever she entered my presence. The world emptied into grayness with only her figure gleaming towards me. My heartbeat... Continue Reading →

Water Your Grass

"The grass is greener, where you water it." - Neil Barringham Relationships are hard. They don't just grow automatically. Those around us don't always have all the answers. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. You have to work at it - invest time and energy! In a balanced relationship, you both invest in... Continue Reading →

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